Official PissIRCd repository. Based on UnrealIRCd
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angryce db85fb13be
Merge branch 'unrealircd:unreal60_dev' into piss60
19 hours ago
conf Merge branch 'unrealircd:unreal60_dev' into piss60 19 hours ago
technical Server protocol documentation moved to the wiki at 7 years ago
Authors This file is out of date ;) 12 years ago
Config.header Bump version to 6.0.5-git 2 weeks ago
Donation Move to new directory structure, require 'make install'. (Not complete. Work in progress!) 7 years ago
KEYS Add doc/KEYS which contains the public key(s) used to sign UnrealIRCd releases 1 year ago Mention JSON-RPC documentation in early release notes. 2 weeks ago
coding-guidelines Done. New rule: use safe_alloc, safe_free, safe_strdup, 3 years ago
compiling_win32.txt Moved to 6 years ago
tao.of.irc Import of Unreal3.0 (STABLE) 23 years ago
translations.txt Some text updates UnrealIRCd 5 -> UnrealIRCd 6 8 months ago