Official PissIRCd repository. Based on UnrealIRCd
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angryce 32aa643b25
Merge branch 'unrealircd:unreal60_dev' into piss60
6 days ago
windows Update windows setup.h for last change. 4 months ago
channel.h Drop 2nd argument to find_channel which was always NULL everywhere anyway. 1 year ago
common.h Merge branch 'piss52' into piss60 - First attempt, didn't even try it 1 year ago
config.h Merge branch 'unrealircd:unreal60_dev' into piss60 6 days ago
dbuf.h Add a lot more consts. This finishes the work for all hooktypes. 1 year ago
dns.h removes ipv4 fallback constant 1 year ago
dynconf.h Revert set::spamfilter::utf8-support from yesterday. 11 months ago
fdlist.h Last argument in fd_open() is now used to indicate what should be done on a 1 year ago
h.h Fix read-after-free when linking in a server (that is fully authenticated) 2 months ago
ircsprintf.h We now compile with -Wformat-nonliteral by default. 1 year ago
license.h The /LICENSE command confusingly said that the UnrealIRCd license is GPLv1 7 months ago
list.h Doxygen: document list_for_each_entry with examples and 2 years ago
modules.h Fix potentially sending invalid data over websockets on REHASH. 1 month ago
modversion.h It helps if you also update the *.h files to reflect those changes. Duh. 5 years ago
msg.h Move all wallops code out of the core. 1 year ago
numeric.h Fix /stats o crash 8 months ago
openssl_hostname_validation.h Add hostname verification code from ssl conservatory & curl 5 years ago
resource.h Make strlncpy() and strlncat() use strlncat() instead of strlen(). 4 months ago
struct.h Add CALL_CMD_FUNC(cmd_func_name) and use it. 3 months ago
sys.h Merge branch 'unrealircd:unreal60_dev' into piss60 11 months ago
unrealircd.h Get rid of proto.h and integrate the 20 lines into h.h. 1 year ago
version.h ** UnrealIRCd 6.0.2 ** 10 months ago
whowas.h Update channel mode API to use more consts 1 year ago