An IRCd for unified networks
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solanum Build Status

Solanum is an IRCv3 server designed to be highly scalable. It implements IRCv3.1 and some parts of IRCv3.2.

It is meant to be used with an IRCv3-capable services implementation such as Atheme or Anope.

necessary requirements

  • A supported platform
  • A working dynamic library system
  • A working lex and yacc - flex and bison should work


Solanum is developed on Linux with glibc, but is currently portable to most POSIX-compatible operating systems. However, this portability is likely to be removed unless someone is willing to maintain it. If you'd like to be that person, please let us know on IRC.

platform specific errata

These are known issues and workarounds for various platforms.

  • macOS: you must set the LIBTOOLIZE environment variable to point to glibtoolize before running

    brew install libtool
    export LIBTOOLIZE="/usr/local/bin/glibtoolize"
  • FreeBSD: if you are compiling with ipv6 you may experience problems with ipv4 due to the way the socket code is written. To fix this you must: sysctl net.inet6.ip6.v6only=0

  • Solaris: you may have to set your PATH to include /usr/gnu/bin and /usr/gnu/sbin before /usr/bin and /usr/sbin. Solaris's default tools don't seem to play nicely with the configure script. When running as a 32-bit binary, it should be started as:

    ulimit -n 4095 ; LD_PRELOAD_32=/usr/lib/ ./solanum


sudo apt install build-essential pkg-config libsqlite3-dev # or equivalent for your distribution
./configure --prefix=/path/to/installation
make check # run tests
make install

See ./configure --help for build options.

feature specific requirements

  • For SSL/TLS client and server connections, one of:

    • OpenSSL 1.0.0 or newer (--enable-openssl)
    • LibreSSL (--enable-openssl)
    • mbedTLS (--enable-mbedtls)
    • GnuTLS (--enable-gnutls)
  • For certificate-based oper CHALLENGE, OpenSSL 1.0.0 or newer. (Using CHALLENGE is not recommended for new deployments, so if you want to use a different TLS library, feel free.)

  • For ECDHE under OpenSSL, on Solaris you will need to compile your own OpenSSL on these systems, as they have removed support for ECC/ECDHE. Alternatively, consider using another library (see above).


  • To report bugs in Solanum, visit us at #solanum on Libera Chat

  • Please read doc/readme.txt to get an overview of the current documentation.

  • Read the file for what's new in this release.

  • The files, /etc/services, /etc/protocols, and /etc/resolv.conf, SHOULD be readable by the user running the server in order for ircd to start with the correct settings. If these files are wrong, Solanum will try to use for a resolver as a last-ditch effort.

git access

  • The Solanum git repository can be checked out using the following command: git clone

  • Solanum's git repository can be browsed over the Internet at the following address: