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Bram Matthys b821aa419f
Ship with PCRE2 10.39 (29-October-2021)
1 year ago
build-tests BuildBot: build unrealircdctl.exe 1 year ago
doxygen Bump version to 6.0.2-git (start of dev for next version) 1 year ago
patches 'make install' will now upgrade the spamfilter.conf examples from 4 years ago
security/apparmor Some text updates UnrealIRCd 5 -> UnrealIRCd 6 1 year ago
tests/tls Add cipherscan profile for OpenSSL 3.0.0. 2 years ago delete/move more files 8 years ago
VStudioAnalyze.ruleset Windows build: remove more warnings. Update 4 years ago
argon2-20181209.tar.gz Add support for Argon2 password hashes (argon2id). 4 years ago
c-ares.tar.gz Make shipped c-ares version match the one in U5 (1.17.2) 1 year ago
curlinstall Make shipped c-ares version match the one in U5 (1.17.2) 1 year ago
geoip-classic.tar.gz Update geoip-classic.tar.gz. Changes: 2 years ago
jansson.tar.gz Add JSON logger - initial work 2 years ago
libsodium.tar.gz Compile with system libsodium, fallback to shipped version. 2 years ago
pcre2.tar.gz Ship with PCRE2 10.39 (29-October-2021) 1 year ago
tls.cnf Fix warning on "make pem": Can't load tls.rnd into RNG. Reported by PeGaSuS. 3 years ago
unreal.supp move some file(s) 8 years ago Make "./unrealircd upgrade" return exit codes from stage 2 as well. 1 year ago
wrap-compiler-for-flag-check Forgot to commit these files, they belong to the hardening patch. 7 years ago