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Security Policy

Supported Versions

  • The latest stable release of UnrealIRCd 5 (until 2023-07-01)
  • The latest stable release of UnrealIRCd 6

See UnrealIRCd releases for information on older versions and End Of Life dates.

Reporting a Vulnerability

Please report issues on the bug tracker and in the bug submit form set the 'View Status' to 'private'.

Do not report security issues on the forums or in a public IRC channel such as #unreal-support. If you insist on e-mail then you can use or Again, the bug tracker is preferred.

If you are unsure if something is a security issue, then report it at the bug tracker as a 'private' bug anyway. Better safe than sorry. Do not ask around in public channels or forums.

You should get a response or at least an acknowledgement soon. If you don't hear back within 24 hours, then please try to contact us again.

Full policy

See for full information.