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Version Elite2.0 ==========
- Since +x was rewritten, the ban bug is 100% fixed. :)
- Rewrote +x hidden host function completely.
- Fixed FUNNY bug with hiddenhost and /who (Reported by Prod|gy)
- Added/Removed irc networks
- Fixed bug in /watch (Reported/Fixed by Despise)
- Added nick-change flood protection.
- Added an awesome manual... ./manual to run
- Removed /who notice for opers.
- Added protection of /akill *@* :)
- Removed java stuff completely. (Java clients are like normal IRC clients...right?)
- Added new +a mode. This mode can only be set by +q channel owners. When you are +a in a
channel, you cannot be deopped or kicked. (Syntax: /mode #chan +a <nick>)
- Added new +q channel mode. ChanServ must set the channel founder +q so they are also
known as channel owners via the ircd. Channel owners are protected and may set
other users +a which they will also be protected (but not chan owners).
(Syntax: /mode #chan +q <nick>)
- Re-coded /MAP
- Changed GLINE notices from sendto_ops to send to all opers with +e flag on.
- Added (addnet) script, you can run this to add your net settings to the next release.
- Changed <server> to <ircnetwork> in whois "Blah is an oper on <server>"
- Added new +L channel mode. If a #chat has a limit (+l) of 10 users, and +L set to channel
#chat2, when a user trys to join #chat, they won't get "#chat is full", they will be
auto-joined to #chat2 - (Linked channels in other words).
(Syntax: /mode #chan +L <linked chan>)
- Changes to (noone will know is the realhost)
- Changed +x for IP's from (x.x.x.***) to (
- In oline flags * will introduce +e on oper up. (before: required +e in oline flag)
- Removed +t usermode (UMODE_ALL) - wasn't used.
- Made 'create your own network setting' feature more stable.
- Added new channel mode (+x) to disable colored text in channel.
- Added +C (Co Administrator)
- Added +T (Technical Administrator)
- Changed /map to numerics...
- Made startup message when booting more stable.
Version Elite1.3 (02/23/99)
- Cleaned up version.c.SH
- Added new net settings (netdomain & helpchan)
- Added new net config creator in ./Config
- Made ./Config more easier...
- Created new usermode +j (Java user)
- New hostname ( for java users.
- Removed RUN_SERVICES code from entire ircd.
Version Elite1.2.4 (02/14/99)
- Fixed the nick crash bug! (damn m_kill small error)
- New network(s) added.
- Changed one thing in m_gline (nothing big)
Version Elite1.2.3 (02/10/99)
- Removed SOCKS checking. (possibly cause of crashing)
- Added new networks
Version Elite1.2.2 (02/02/99)
- Fixed the crashing bug. (Changing nicks with linked servers)
- Modified AceStar net settings.
- Q-line notices are back (except for ULined clients).
- Fixed /kill bug with services.
Version Elite1.2.1 (01/29/99)
- Fixed multiple notices from +N / -N
- Added some text to s_err.c
- Possibly fixed the odd crashing... ?
Version Elite1.2 (01/24/99)
- Netadmin can be used via +N in the oline slot now.
- When +N is executed, net-wide oper msg's are sent about it.
- Completely removed the freeze function (it's a toy unlike a command)
- Changed abit of the GLINE adding notice.
- Added logging to a file for glines (gline.log)
- Implemented SOCKS checking (thx Rhom).
- Changed channel lists only when 2 ppl in chan to 1.
- Changed sendto_ops function in many places in s_user.c/s_serv.c to
- Changed GNOTICE in s_user.c/s_serv.c to GLOBOPS
- Fixed hiddenhost bug with /kill (+w could see real host of oper)
- Fixed hiddenhost bug with /oper (+s could see real host of oper)
[Special thanks goes out to Rhom for reporting/help patch bugs]
Version Elite1.1.1 (12/12/98)
- Fixed /whois bug (had problems with mIRC clients *sigh*)
- Fixed /topic bug (didn't allow topic changes at all.)
Version Elite1.1 (12/6/98)
- Fixed ./Config script (Net select)
- Fixed /remgline bug.
- If ULined clients, channels are not shown which they are in.
- Fixed +e / +t / +b (non-opers could get +et before)
- Fixed OperMode notice.
- Fixed Gline sending extra Global on expire.
- Fixed /whowas wrong hostname bug (by Thiago)
- Fixed chkconf ZLINE error (by matt)
- Added PhazeNet configuration
- Added option for auto +x in ./Config
- Freeze was disabled in this version (It will be back in 1.2)
Version Elite1.0 (09/20/98)
- Changed Shadow3.9 to Elite1.0 (Starting a new IRCD)
- Changed some numeric's around in src/s_err.c
- Auto +x on Oper up.
- Fixed small error in ./ircd script.
- Made ./Config more Linux-redhat friendly.
- Added RelicNet to the ircd.
- include/config.h is much more compatible with all IRC nets.
- Added /gline (works 100%) [/gline <user@host> <seconds> <reason>].
- Fixed up /map.
- Added UMODE's +e & +t
* e: EYES [Can see ppl who /whois, and other notices.]
* t: ALL [See's all net notices ie: See's all Client connectings...]
- Fixed the hiddenhost bug with IP's...
- Fixed major bug with hiddenhost which caused coredump.
- Made a new script (makeconf) -- generates the ircd.conf file.