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* UnrealIRCd Changes File - (C) Carsten Munk 1999
* $Id$
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 1, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
*** BUGS ***
* When a +q sets +L it sets it but displays an error msg
*** Stskeeps ( has joined channel #a
*** #a 951758184
*** Mode change "+q Stskeeps" on channel #a by Stskeeps
*** Mode change "-oaATcfebW" for user Stskeeps by Stskeeps
*** Channel mode +l <max> is requried for +L to be set
*** Mode change "+l 1" on channel #a by Stskeeps
*** Mode change "+L #moo" on channel #a by Stskeeps
*** Unreal3.0-Morrigan(fix) ***
* NOTE: If your system clock is wrong you will have problems with TOPICs
being set on all servers. That is because TOPICs which are _new_ are
taken instead of old
- Fixed +f not banning when * is specified
- Fixed +q (chan owners) not being able to set +L (partially fixed)
- Fixed /tsctl segfaulting the server
- Fixed the killing bug. The cause was that when m_mode was called in the
NICKv2 parsing routine, it sent out a :nick MODE :+x which was an unknown
nick, and the NICK was being sent just after, causing it to kill the user
(was a _huge_ bastard to find)
- If someone changes their nick to irc and WebTV is enabled, problems
occur FIX: deny change to that in m_nick (bug fixed)
- Added lost unrealircd.bmp.gz file
*** Unreal3.0-Morrigan ***
- Added the new GUI main coded by DrBin, first coding by {X}
- Added
- Added
- Made NO_FDLIST compilation work as well
- Fixed DCCDENY bug (p->mask, p->mask) (*slaps sts*)
- +F not flood off if netsplit happens
- Made TODO, made "Unable to write tunefile" show an error if *nix
- Added
- send.c sendto_realops problem solved
- Fixed a segfaulting bug in /tsctl reported by x-wartech
- Fixed segfaulting bug with -oh bounce stuff in channel.c reported by Dana
- Fixed +q bug reported by several people, inc DrBin
- Added networks/
- Fixed +f * option not banning correctly
- Fixed fdlist on win32 problem
- Added /HTM for high traffic mode status (partially added)
- Added networks/
- G:lines expire every 5th second now
- /stats T now show incoming and outgoing rate
- Some HTM stuff
- Some release stuff
- Fixed up some NICKv2 stuff, more faster stuff:)
- Moved old Changes stuff to Changes.old
- Made so /path ~path or ".."'s in T:lines arent possible
- Made it so certain files ie ircd.conf,oper.motd, unrealircd.conf, ircd.log
can't be used in a T:line
- Added dynconf option to specify SOCKS kill message & ban message & bantime
- Fixed SOCKS exception bug (!!)
- Fixed some indention in dynconf.c and a memory leak problem (what were you
smoking code?:P)
- iNAH bugfixes( call them fixes and ill smash you;))
- Recoded color striping to be ALOT more accurate and faster
- Using hybrid IsMember()
- Fixed +F bug (again)
- Added FDlists, does those work on win32?
- De-Potvinized addline, addmotd, and addomotd (should run faster)
- Made addline, addmotd, addomotd display to the user what was written
- Removed /snote and /snotes (no one used them)
- GPL stuff
- Some comestic tkl fixes..
- Fixed +F bug
- Made +F connect notices more bandwidth friendly,
only bad things:
- Not showing port in connect +F
- On servers rejoin you get +F flooded (will be fixed in an later
- Made ALLOW_CHATOPS a unrealircd.conf option rather than a #define
- Fixed a bug where you had to be +AC to see adminchats
- chatops, adchat, nachat, techat, wallops no longer require a leading :
- More TKL stuff..
- m_chatops uses sendto_umode now, and also removed sendto_chatops
- Remote rehashes now support the - flags, ex -dcc, -vhost etc
- Fixed more G:Line stuff
- Fixed G:Line bug with not expiring correctly - thanks Dark-Prince for
being guinea pig, and to JojoII for finding it
- Fixed +ix remote bug reported by RevPsych
- /list can now make opers see +s channels
- Did some SJOIN2 work..
- Fixed /whois bug with WHOIS_Channels
- Fixed a minor, yet annoying bug in the dynconf version system, thanks to GoNiS
- Fixed bug: EpicII stripping too much of /oper fail notice
- Fixed bug: SJOIN TS Change notice should not show when (ts == oldts)
- Fixed WEBTV_NONOTICE bug with CTCPs - thanks rjameson
- Fixed +h can +o themselves bug, thanks to Mikey, HERZ and many other
- Added TSP client/server
- Fixed m_netinfo stuff..
- Fixed a bug with the new m_names and +h (chanmode)
- Removed .CHANGES.NEW2 - not in use anyways
- Now using new m_names from bahamut by Lucas Madar (DarkRot)
- Removed zombie code
- Fixed up the MODE_ADMINONLY code
- Fixed some bugs in can_send
- Added TS Change notice to SJOIN
- Fixed a +f bug, and fixed SJOIN resynch bug (serious)
- Fixed up the remote rehash code a bit
- Updated conf.doc
- Added some WebTV stuff, read config.h
- Removed the NO_DEFAULT_INVISIBLE define from config.h
- Added MODE_I to unrealircd.conf, auto setting of +i when a user connects
- Fixed a minor unrealircd.conf bug
- Fixed up all SJOIN fuzz, made RESYNCMODES be 12
- Fixed this bug:
* After sync on other server
*** Stskeeps is using modes +oiwghsaHATcCreWIdt
should be:
Stskeeps is using modes +owghskaATcfrebW
- Made unrealircd.conf option to hide U:lines from non-opers in /links
- Updated the unrealircd.conf and all the .network files to support the
version system, and for unrealircd.conf to support HIDE_ULINES
- Made a versioning system for unrealircd.conf and *.network (This will
allow us to makesure _old_ versions are not being used when new features
are added to the files)
- TKL/zap bugfix!!
- Channel mode +H errors in numeric 459 now, coded by Rev_Null- thanks
- Another TKL bug.
- TKL bug fixed
- Made TKL backwards compatible
- TKLs are now syncing
- Bug fixes..
- Fixed TKL<->GLINE protocol problems
- Renamed chmode +I to +V as it screwed up some clients thinking it was
- Took out m_fjoin, not in use
- Fixed up +e so it works with mIRC channel dialog now
- Added channel mode +H, only setable by SkoAdmin, makes +I users unable to
join channel - code&thanks to RevPsych & Rev_Null
- Removed all MegaIRC references
- Fixed VHOST desynch bug..
- Removed aGline record
- Fixed some idention in msg.h
- Fixed warning in s_misc.c
- Removes /ns, /cs, /ms, /os, /hs commands (not in use)
- Fixed bug where /statserv needed a : for more than one param
- Fixed so that /trace only cloaks hostname if it is an oper
- Fixed token non case sensitive problem
- Fixed warning in mp2parv..
- Fixed DEBUGMODE compile bug..
- Fixed BOTMOTD bug..
- Fixed some bugs (1.16->1.17) and removed aClient->user->host and replaced
it by realhost. Saves memory
- Fixing up for beta release
- Updated networks/networks.ndx
- Reason in temp and static K:lines like |kc.gline will show user klined
file kc.gline (only legal names are |kc.*)
- Added e:lines to the docs
- Added
- Fixed a minor +S (chanmode) bug
- Fixed a bug where if a channel was +n it would display a
must be +v msg rather than no external msgs (thank Potvin for that one)
- Made dccdeny's notice +e users when a file is rejected
- Added NOTICE in m_sajoin/m_sapart (You were forced to join/part #)
- Added e:lines, SOCKS check exception lines
format: e:ip (not hostname):*:*
- Added doc/faq entry about debian on sparcs..
- added debian sparc support (read doc/faq)
- SJOIN sortof working. Straight testing needed
- made /botmotd use NOTICE AUTH (so all bots will see it)
- fixed NICKv2 umode field when no mode bug..
- added T (TechAdmin) to the SMO flags
- fixed a little _mistake_ in the /dusers error message
- fixed a bug where +c (chanmode) blocked all privmsgs :P
- m_sjoin compiled, need to make it unreal3.0 compatible
- added include/sjoin.h for SJOIN stuff
- Deleted :server prefix from SWHOIS burst.
- Added UMODE_SETHOST (+t), and set NICKv2 up to only send when a real
virthost. Spares bandwidth:) +t is _not_ user setable
- Removed UMODE_COFOUND, UMODE_WMASTER, not in use anymore.
- Fixed up MODE_LINK, MODE_FLOODLIMIT syncronization,
you can mode do /mode # -lf without parameters
- Gave Unreal correct orgin (df4.6.5)
- Gave /stats N,S a header
- Added network
- /stats N returns .network file information
- /stats S returns unrealircd.conf information
- Added a virtualhost field to NICKv2
- Updated conf.doc
- Removed all traces of CLIENT_COMPILE
- Some Linux-ALPHA support.. i need accces to a alpha box :P
Fixes done by Ramuh ( originally for UltimateIRCd,
thanks to ShadowMastr for forwarding me..
- Removed all traces of services.h..
- NICKv2 working.. :)
- Updated doc/faq slightly
- Updated doc/example.conf with new lines an Oflags
- Implemented NICKv2 (umode field in NICK)
- Similar topics are sent along now .. was a bug ? (thanks Headbang,
WonderWal, etc)
- Fixed up compile warnings
- Fixed channel.c warning in can_join
- Removed SHOW_PASSWORD define, not in use anymore
- Removed USE_CASETABLES define, not in use anymore
- Removed TIMED_KLINE define, not in use anymore
- Added OPER_NO_HIDING define
- Removed RelicNet +z, unreal isnt at use at relicnet anyways and
i still dont believe that potvin _thought_ he could make them use it?
- Added REMOVE_ADVERTISING define (off by default) , check include/config.h
and src/s_user.c (m_message) for more info (by ice)
- Fixed channel name similarity bug reported by IXpfah
- Comment on Nickflood/joinflood thing (stskeeps): Services can do that?
- Fixed up some version.c.SH stuff
- Added SJOIN protoctl for preparing for SJOIN
- Added networks/
- NOTICE auth, tells you that it found a bad SOCKS.
- Made umode +d work correctly
- Made it so users can't see the RPL_WHOISCHANNELS for a
+I user
- Fixed a bug in +I where a +I user couldn't see themself
in /names
- Fixed a minor bug in /chgident
- Added bot.motd support on +B and /botmotd
- /join 0 now shows "Left all channels" in reason why left
- Added +H umode, hides oper status
in /who /who 0 o /whois (so opers
can spy on a channel and no one knows
- win32: s_socks.c small problem fixed
- Fixed a bug in the new zline code
- Fixed a typo in the Win32 socks check (oops)
- (development) added TODO.maybe
- Added /vhost login password
read the s_extra.c on vhost.conf format
- vhost.conf, added /rehash -vhost
- Removed s_user.c/m_message warning
- SOCKS check functioning
- Removed src/list2.c - not in use
- Removed networks/, no longer existing network
- Added networks/
- Deleted ircdbug
- /version shows alpha while in development..
- (development) added include/stamp.h for static development stamping
- send.c optimations from ircu :)
- Added codemastr as offical developer
- Now using GPL v2
- NOTICE AUTH problem solved, i hope
- Took out UNIXPORT code
- Removed traces of R_LINE* in config.h
- SOCKS check in progress
- Fixed the Blowbug
- TSCTL svstime works now :P correctly that is
- nick is using modes +rx
instead of "nick is using modes [+rx]
- Removed some lame brackets
- /close sendto_ops() now
- Fixed small SVSNICK bug (.)
- Fixed +L resync bug..
- df4.6.7 SVSNICK - fixes desynchs
- Took out all the R_LINES code
- Took out all SERVICES_MODE code
- Took out all USE_SERVICES code
- Added .crjava patch by Fish read include/config.h for more info..
- Added IRCu .ack patch you can now use "ONE" in password line in I:Lines
to ensure only one connecting from that kind of I:line per IP.
- /Lusers <mask> is not working anymore.. took out possible flood thing..
- /List - IRCops should be able to see +s now (thanks Headbang and others)
- RPL_YOURHOST - Your host is server, running version x
Removed [hostname].
- RPL_MYINFO now selfupdates when adding new modes (channel and user)
- Fixed umodestring
- Umode +d avail to everyone now:P
- Fixed channel mode +r defunctional bug
(thanks to gdb and the coder-com people who learnt me to use gdb:P)
- SVSFLINE <+/-/*> [mask] [reason]
+ = add (mask + reason)
- = delete (mask)
* = wipe all services F:Lines
(13/12/1999 working.)
- Fixed server<->server token problem
- Moved /info data to m_info_send
- Made SIGSEGV do core too.. MAIL THEM TO ME ALONG WITH THE src/ircd FILE
if it tells ya to!
- Fixed "GLINE 10 :moo\r" G:Line bug (they haunt me)
- New F:Line system (dccdeny.conf)
- Removed OLD F:lines
- Fixed up /stats f/F
- Made /rehash -dcc = rehashes dccdeny.conf
/rehash -dyn = rehashes dynamic configuration (RISK OF TERMINATE:P)
/rehash -rest = rehashes channel restrict config chrestrict.conf
- New channel restrict system
# = comment
allow #moo = can join #moo
msg message = shows message when cannot join cos of allow