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@ -28,6 +28,25 @@ Enhancements:
now an `unrealircdctl.exe` that can be used to do similar things to what
you can do on *NIX. Supported operations are: `rehash`, `reloadtls`,
`mkpasswd`, `gencloak` and `spkifp`.
* There is now an option to make [Spamfilter](https://www.unrealircd.org/docs/Spamfilter)
UTF8-aware. You need to `set { spamfilter { utf8-support yes; } }`
* Case insensitive matches work better. For example, with extended
Latin, a spamfilter on `ę` now also matches `Ę`.
* Other PCRE2 features such as [\p](https://www.pcre.org/current/doc/html/pcre2syntax.html#SEC5)
are now available. For example you can now set a spamfilter with the regex
`\p{Arabic}` to block all Arabic script, or `\p{Cyrillic}` to
block all Cyrillic script (such as Russian).
Please do use these new tools with care. Blocking an entire language
or script is quite a drastic measure.
* These new features require the PCRE2 10.36 regex library. Most people
will have a lower version of PCRE2 on the system, so then UnrealIRCd
will fallback to using the UnrealIRCd-shipped-library 10.39.
The downside to that is that compiling during `./Config` may take
a little longer than usual.
* If you try this new utf8-support for spamfilter, let us know if it works
well for you or not, so we can decide if we want to make this the
default in later versions. (In the past there were some issues with it
in the PCRE2 library, matching too much or too little)
* New option [set::server-notice-show-event](https://www.unrealircd.org/docs/Set_block#set::server-notice-show-event)
which can be set to `no` to hide the event information (eg `connect.LOCAL_CLIENT_CONNECT`)
in server notices. This can be overriden per-oper in the