Relookup reputation and geo information when client IP changes due to WEBIRC

or another type of proxy request.
This fixes a problem where ban user { } or except ban { } is not working
for ~country:XX when the request comes via a WEBIRC or other proxy.
Reported by CaoS in
It should also fix security-group being incorrect for ~security-group bans
or exempts.
Bram Matthys 1 year ago
parent d4f09f8fed
commit 83e74893da
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@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ void geoip_base_free(ModData *m);
const char *geoip_base_serialize(ModData *m);
void geoip_base_unserialize(const char *str, ModData *m);
int geoip_base_handshake(Client *client);
int geoip_base_ip_change(Client *client, const char *oldip);
int geoip_base_whois(Client *client, Client *target, NameValuePrioList **list);
int geoip_connect_extinfo(Client *client, NameValuePrioList **list);
int geoip_base_configtest(ConfigFile *cf, ConfigEntry *ce, int type, int *errs);
@ -119,6 +120,7 @@ MOD_INIT()
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_CONFIGRUN, 0, geoip_base_configrun);
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_HANDSHAKE, 0, geoip_base_handshake);
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_IP_CHANGE, 0, geoip_base_ip_change);
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_SERVER_HANDSHAKE_OUT, 0, geoip_base_handshake);
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_CONNECT_EXTINFO, 1, geoip_connect_extinfo); /* (prio: near-first) */
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_PRE_LOCAL_CONNECT, 0,geoip_base_handshake); /* in case the IP changed in registration phase (WEBIRC, HTTP Forwarded) */
@ -166,6 +168,12 @@ int geoip_base_handshake(Client *client)
return 0;
int geoip_base_ip_change(Client *client, const char *oldip)
return 0;
void geoip_base_free(ModData *m)
if (m->ptr)

@ -141,6 +141,7 @@ CMD_FUNC(reputationunperm);
int reputation_whois(Client *client, Client *target, NameValuePrioList **list);
int reputation_set_on_connect(Client *client);
int reputation_pre_lconnect(Client *client);
int reputation_ip_change(Client *client, const char *oldip);
int reputation_connect_extinfo(Client *client, NameValuePrioList **list);
int reputation_config_test(ConfigFile *cf, ConfigEntry *ce, int type, int *errs);
int reputation_config_run(ConfigFile *cf, ConfigEntry *ce, int type);
@ -192,6 +193,7 @@ MOD_INIT()
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_CONFIGRUN, 0, reputation_config_run);
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_WHOIS, 0, reputation_whois);
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_HANDSHAKE, 0, reputation_set_on_connect);
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_IP_CHANGE, 0, reputation_ip_change);
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_PRE_LOCAL_CONNECT, 2000000000, reputation_pre_lconnect); /* (prio: last) */
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_REMOTE_CONNECT, -1000000000, reputation_set_on_connect); /* (prio: near-first) */
HookAdd(modinfo->handle, HOOKTYPE_CONNECT_EXTINFO, 0, reputation_connect_extinfo); /* (prio: near-first) */
@ -804,6 +806,12 @@ int reputation_set_on_connect(Client *client)
return 0;
int reputation_ip_change(Client *client, const char *oldip)
return 0;
int reputation_pre_lconnect(Client *client)
/* User will likely be accepted. Inform other servers about the score