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Solanum is based on Charybdis, which was based on ircd-ratbox.
Development is led by a group of representatives from freenode
and OFTC:
dwfreed, Doug Freed <>
edk, Ed Kellett <>
tomaw, Tom Wesley <>
The Charybdis team was:
amdj, Aaron Jones <aaronmdjones -at->
Elizafox, Elizabeth Myers <elizabeth -at->
jdhore, JD Horelick <jdhore1 -at->
jilles, Jilles Tjoelker <jilles -at->
kaniini, William Pitcock <nenolod -at->
mr_flea, Keith Buck <mr_flea -at->
viatsko, Valerii Iatsko <dwr -at->
A full list of contributors to Charybdis and its predecessors
is in doc/credits-past.txt.
Visit the Solanum website at:
Visit us on IRC at: #solanum