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Ed Kellett 2 years ago
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Includes changes from charybdis-4.1.3-dev.
**This release includes breaking changes.** Please pay close attention to bolded warnings in the
full release notes below.
**This release includes breaking changes from charybdis 4.x.** Please pay close attention to
bolded warnings in the full release notes below.
### build
- Add `--with-asan` to configure to produce an ASan instrumented build
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- Channel bans don't see through IP spoofs
- Global /names now respects userhost-in-names
- The `$j` extban is no longer usable inside ban exceptions
- TLSv1 connections are accepted. They can still be disabled using OpenSSL config if you don't
want them. TLSv1 existing is not thought to be a threat to up-to-date clients.
### oper
- **Breaking:** Kick immunity for override is now its own extension, override\_kick\_immunity
- **Breaking:** /stats A output now follows the same format as other stats letters
- **Breaking:** helpops now uses +h instead of +H
- **Breaking:** sno\_whois and the spy\_ extensions have been removed
- Opers now have their privset (identified by name) on remote servers
- Oper-only umodes are refreshed after rehash and /grant
- Extension modules can be reloaded
@ -63,6 +66,8 @@ full release notes below.
- Add channel::opmod\_send\_statusmsg to send messages allowed by +z to @#channel
- Add class::max\_autoconn, with the behaviour of class::max\_number for servers prior to
charybdis 4
- Add `secure {}` blocks. Networks listed in a secure block gain +Z and can match `need_ssl` I-
and O-lines.
- Remove general::kline\_delay
- If m\_webirc is loaded, connections that try to use a webirc auth block as their I-line will
be disconnected on registration
@ -70,6 +75,7 @@ full release notes below.
### misc
- **Breaking:** WEBIRC now processes the "secure" option as specified by IRCv3. Web gateways that
do not set this option will need to be updated or their connections will show as insecure.
- Successfully changing IP with WEBIRC now drops an identd username
### code
- Channel lists are now kept sorted. A for-loop macro, `ITER_COMM_CHANNELS`, is introduced to