A script to update Gitea
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  1. dnl -*- mode: m4 -*-
  2. dnl Example macro definitions
  3. changequote([, ])dnl
  4. define(start_gitea, [systemctl start gitea.service])dnl Command to start Gitea
  5. define(stop_gitea, [systemctl stop gitea.service])dnl Command to stop Gitea
  6. define(user, git)dnl User with write access to directory containing Gitea binary
  7. define(do_as_user, [sudo -u])dnl Command to run as user
  8. define(gitea_binary_dir, ~git/gitea)dnl Directory containing Gitea binary
  9. define(os, linux)dnl Operating System (must be one of "darwin", "linux", or "windows-4.0")
  10. define(arch, amd64)dnl CPU Architechture (must be one of "386", "amd64", "arm-5", "arm-6", "mips", "mips64le", or "mipsle")