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  Ron Nazarov aaf955ff69 Fixed an error when a wrong answer was submitted 7 months ago
  Ron Nazarov 64a774ad7a Improved error message if group < 1 7 months ago
  Ron Nazarov 9743c25d5f Added --group option 8 months ago
  Ron Nazarov b3456f1387 Fixed bug, where if the group length is less than 1, it still shows the score, and logs 8 months ago
  Ron Nazarov a370e46830 Added support for $MQ_CONFIG_DIR 8 months ago
  Ron Nazarov 8c1526be21 Added description in comment 8 months ago
  Ron Nazarov cc5a615199 Added license header and copyright notice, clarified that mq uses GNU GPLv3.0 (or any later version) 8 months ago
  Ron Nazarov aeefdd7396 Moved mq documentation to https://noisytoot.org/post/mq 10 months ago
  Ron Nazarov ec524c692c Does not fail when the first question is wrong 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 67f0977909 Changed usage to a monospace font 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov c0b74e61c4 More static typing 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 8ef2db3147 Does not fail if an key is missing in config file 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 7d452d65a2 Added readline, max in config file, default values if config file does not exist, default max, get-group and get-max commands 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 1c8fa59f36 Added progress 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 2891b76539 Fixed README 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 2563500297 Improved README 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov be5e29df49 Added --disable-log option 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 5281535f91 Added SLF log file 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 7cc028f307 Improved README 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 22c97739a2 Improved README 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 69f4754563 Improved help, added environment variable for config location, now only counts correct attempts 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov 342437bac1 Fixed spelling mistake 1 year ago
  Ron Nazarov f23f671e36 First commit 1 year ago